Submit your bikes, events or art stuff


Why submit your motorcycle or event to Xtreme Bikes or Café Racers?

In two words: exposure and treatment. Xtreme Bikes & Café Racers are two “real” paper magazines with 10 years of experience in the market. Two decades during we have learned that pictures are very important, but lot more if they are accompanied with a good text explaining the story of the bike and your work on it. But most important…our readers will be able to read or see the article of your bike or event without difficult searches every time they want, because each issue of our online edition will be two months in our website.




What kind of bikes we want to publish? We want to feature high quality custom bikes and café racers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a garage-built machine or one from a ‘professional’ workshop. Our readers like everything, also from old school bobbers and choppers to “radical” custom bikes, café racers, or vintage racers. All styles of bikes are welcome.



How to submit your motorcycle. Just send us a brief email with details and a couple of low-resolution shots of your bike. We get hundreds of emails a day, too many to guarantee a reply to all of them, but we read everything I receive and will respond if necessary.

We respect embargos and we are happy to ‘sit on’ images for a while before publishing them. If you need us to coordinate with your own publicity channels, we’re happy to work with you. We also credit and link to photographers whenever necessary.




A couple of “watch-outs.” Please don’t submit your bike to several websites and blogs at the same time. If it’s appeared elsewhere, it’s very unlikely that we’ll run it. Our material needs to be fresh and ‘new’ as well as high quality. Most of the custom sites have a similar policy, and rightly so.

Please don’t send multiple emails with high-resolution images. We receive a huge volume of email and to protect the system, large file sizes often get bounced. If your bike is accepted, we´ll contact you to give you our FTP server address to upload high resolution pics.




If you’ve got a beautiful machine in your garage or workshop, and high quality images, please get in touch right now. It’s our mission to spread the word about the world’s best custom motorcycles and events—and their builders and organizers too.